Educational Psychology Service

We work in close partnership with Aberdeenshire’s Educational Psychology Service Team. At Hatton (Cruden) School our Educational Psychologist is called Dr Kelly Ward.

Here is a little more information about Dr Ward.

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About the Educational Psychology Service

Educational Psychologists (EPs) aim to make a positive difference to the lives of all children and young people across Aberdeenshire from the early years to school leaving age. They work with children, young people, families, educational staff and local authority colleagues. They also work with a wide range of other professionals. These include the health professions, social work staff, early years partner providers and post school training and education providers.

Educational Psychologists have skills in problem analysis and solution-focused discussion and apply their knowledge of psychology and child development to improve experiences, outcomes and opportunities for children and young people.  We do this through:

Consultation          Assessment         Intervention         Training             Research

To find out more about the work of an Educational Psychologist, please click on the following leaflets