Aberdeenshire Sensory Support Service has created the following vision support leaflet


Visual Impairment Network for Children and Young People

What is VINCYP?

VINCYP (Visual Impairment Network for Children and Young People) is a nationally managed clinical network which aims to improve service provision and outcomes for children and young people with visual impairment in Scotland through co-ordination and improvement of all services across health, education, social work and voluntary organisations

VINCYP Information Collection

When you attend an eye clinic or see your Paediatrician, you may be asked to allow VINCYP to collect and store information about you/your child, and to share it with other professionals involved in providing care such as your visual impairment teacher. This helps us to ensure that the people working with you/your child have accurate information about your/their vision . It also means that if, in the future, a new treatment becomes available, that we can quickly identify people who may benefit from it.

The information overall, not identifying any individual, can help in the planning of services across Scotland.

All services across Scotland will use the one system to store your information. This system is run by the NHS and only certain NHS staff can access it

On the VINCYP website, www.vincyp.scot.nhs.uk, you can find the following:

  • Information on conditions
  • Family support group information
  • Standards and pathways of care
  • Videos of going to the eye clinic
  • Why we ask for your information and how it can help

If someone under 16 years of age has a level of sight loss that as an adult would have led to certification as sight impaired or severely sight impaired you will be asked if you want to have information entered on the VINCYP system. You will also be given a letter stating the level of sight loss and that the child or young person has a sight loss sufficient that they could receive a Blue Badge.  This letter is proof of the level of sight loss and can be used to access some benefits including the Blue Badge, Travel pass, Taxi card.